Jukskei players discussing strategy

About Visarende

We strive to unite family and friends as a rainbow nation by building relationships on Godly principles using sport socially, as a vehicle.

Where friends and family can get to know one another better through healthy competition – and even build new friendships.


  • To start events with scripture, prayer, praise and worship.
  • To create an opportunity for constructive fellowship among all cultures.
  • To create a platform that promotes sound values and fellowship among families.
  • To invest in longstanding friendships.
  • To build an interactive network for social jukskei clubs.
  • To assist schools with jukskei coaching.
  • To host school-, youth- and social jukskei tournaments.
  • To develop social jukskei on several farms.
  • To encourage various farms to build relationships and to connect with each other, to play jukskei.
  • To create a platform for corporate jukskei-days that involve all cultural groups.